Homework By Steven Furtick Argumentative Essay

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Steven Furtick is not justified in building his multi-million-dollar home. His actions alone speak volumes about his inner guilt. Not to mention the many nondisclosure agreements he had members and volunteers sign, using the church to for his own personal gain and not living above reproach. Steven’s response to the reporters questioning him about this home was despicable. Instead of contacting them directly he chose to ignore them, repeatedly. When the reporters many approaches of contacting him failed they took it into their own hands to investigate on without him. His response? To mock them during a sermon at his church, calling them out in front of thousands of viewers as is they were criminals on trial. As a man of God he should be above this childish way of overcoming obstacles. As a man of God he should have never thought that was an acceptable way to respond to his “persecutors”. …show more content…

Steven has not, and will not, disclose the amount of profit he has made from the book. Instead he goes on to say that he has donated a portion of the profits to the church, but has yet to specify either amount. Who knows how much a portion of an unknown amount is? Preaching sermons on his own book is outrageous. Sermons should be preached from the bible and the bible only. Who is to say that his book is shrouded by his own cloud of judgment and bias? The members and guest need an unbiased word to accurately understand the true path to righteousness; They need to be led by the word of God instead of another man. It says in the bible we are not to be fooled by false idols. Yet here we are with a man with untold riches writing and preaching his own book to the people of his church. That on its own should be enough to know that he is not up to any

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