Examples Of Adultery In The Crucible

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How Love Becomes Your Enemy
If a man was accused of adultery, would that be a strong reason to accuse him of witchcraft? Should his name be proven guilty all over the town or should they let him keep his name? The town of Salem was confused, lost, and were strong followers. Everyone believed the possessed, but what would’ve happened if they believed the accused? Driven by lust, John Proctor, in Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, commits a certain action that starts a new era of belief systems that end up murdering some of the kindest hearts.
In the first place, John Proctor is to blame for what’s happening to the village because he committed adultery. Abigail Williams and Proctor had a scandalous affair away from Mrs. Proctor. It was considered adultery since Abigail was underage, even though she desired what they did every minute of the day. Although, the young girl believes that she has the ability to win him over, considering the fact that he’s still a married man. “I hope it is your last hypocrisy. I pray you will come again with with sweeter news for me. I know you will- now that your duties done.” (Miller 152). What she means by this is that …show more content…

He commits to the bad that he has done with Abigail WIlliams. By the same token, he also proves himself guilty of witchcraft. Such actions required Proctor to sign a paper to be put up on the church door. His hands frantically moved as the ink touched the paper slowly stroking the pen one line at a time. Although, once he was done he realised that this paper could blacken his name in the village, exactly what he doesn’t want. “...Proctor tears the paper and crumples it..” (Miller 144). What was he doing? He was going to have to be hanged? Although he thought that he may have been saving everyone and himself, in this situation he wasn’t. The accused people still died and no one got saved, he would be sentenced to hang, and he would be

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