Examples Of Infidelity In The Crucible

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In Roman Catholicism, when a sin is committed that is harsh enough, there can be action taken called excommunication. In the Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Proctor conducted infidelity on his wife, Elizabeth. Instead of keeping this his dirty little secret, he told his wife, and suffered the consequences of, his pain, Elizabeth’s pain, and his name’s pain. John himself, never truly forgave himself for cheating on his wife, and suffered the ultimate cost because of it. With his stubbornness to not forgive himself for what he did, after Elizabeth had already forgiven him, he stated “No, I take my own, my own!” (137) This shows that it is his fault for his sin and it is only his right to take them wherever he goes, even as it may be below the ground. These chains around his soul dragged him to the breaking point, where he would do anything to rid himself of them. Elizabeth tried anything to take this weight of of John, to the point where she was saying it was her fault for …show more content…

People will forever relish and despise the name “Proctor”. John said nearing the end of his time above ground, “I have given you my soul; leave me my name!” (143) Others in Salem maintained the burden on that dreadful name, only thinking of the worst that would come of it. This name had taken the lives of a mother and father and granted a curse on all kin that will come of it. John, Elizabeth, and their name were the subjects most brutally subjected to the punishment of the pressing of a vice called Salem. They were presented on a cross to the town, who continued to rip them down a stain them with an idea of punishment they would forever remember. These things would never be resurrected, and always be left the weight of what happened blanketing their eyes. The only escape would be to push the boulder of the past out of the way, and only one with godly powers has the ability to do

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