Homophobic? Read The Bible, By Peter J. Gomes: Article Analysis

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The essay by Peter J Gomes, titled Homophobic? Read the Bible discusses the issue of homosexuality and the bible. He argues that most homophobic people use religion and turn to the bible to prove they are right as a weapon of hatred against homosexuals. I believe Gomes is trying to explain the real meaning behind what the bible states, and wants to educate people who use the bible against others of sexual orientations and sexuality. Peter J. Gomes stated in this essay says, “Fortunately, those who speak for the religious right do not speak for all American Christians, and the Bible is not theirs alone to interpret” (Homophobic? Read your Bible, p. 641). This is a true statement and I believe you shouldn’t generalize all Christians because not all people think the same way. I think his essay is saying that religious people abused the bible and believe that being homosexual is a sin. …show more content…

I’m not familiar with the bible since I am not a religious person, but I do believe in God. I'm tired of the church using the Bible to be homophobic. In this essay, Ms. Greene interviewed more than 400 young men who were incarcerated for gay-bashing. I can’t believe those gay-bashers think they did nothing wrong and show no remorse for it. There was one teenage gay basher was told by his pastor, “Homosexuals represent the devil, Satan,” and that the Rev. Jerry Falwell had echoed the charge” (Homophobic? Read your Bible, p. 639). Unfortunately, there will always be leaders of the church who misinterpret and misguide the bible. I feel that Rev. Gomes was right about gay’s civil rights becoming one of the most visible conflicts of American for many years. I think there are other critical issues we should worry about instead of worrying about gay marriage and their sexuality. I believe it’s their right to marry whoever they want, and religious people need to back

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