Horace Veerbermockle Murder Essay

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On November 13, 2017, Horace Verbermockle was found dead in his bathroom when he got out of the shower. His wife Minnie Verbermockle called immediately the doctor to go over her house because she said that her husband had an accident. Apparently she did not hear when he feel on the bathroom floor she said that he slipped on a cake soap. Horace Verbermockle was murder probably Minnie had plan on murdering her husband because there are evidence that can prove it wasn’t just an accident someone wanted to kill Horace or his wife Minnie wanted to kill him.
One reason to believe that Verbermockle’s death wasn’t an accident was that the soap was wet on the floor. First of all when we use soap we just throw it down on the floor we put the soap …show more content…

The footprints don’t look like they were Horace Verbermockle because it looks like the footprints were when someone was coming out of the shower but these footprints weren’t just footprints they look more like shoeprints so someone must of been inside and didn’t want Verbermockle to see him or her. According to the evidence found on this situation Horace couldn’t have been in the shower with shoes because in the scene he is laying down Horace is without shoes and if it was Horace footprints they would of been footprints not shoeprints. Also next to Horace’s legs there was a bottle of cologne cracked on the floor. If it was an accident the cologne would of shattered everywhere but in the scene it looks like someone broke it and left it there to make it seem like it was an accident. Although this evidence may prove that it was not an accident was the cracked walls. How can Horace Verbermockle hit the walls if the walls where on the other side by the sink mirror, unless someone hit the walls or that person hit Horace on the wall to make it seem he hit himself. In the scene the doctor says Horace had a fracture at the rear end of his skull and there was blood coming out of his head so someone must of slammed Horace on the walls or maybe they cracked the cologne bottle on his

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