Horror In 'A Rose For Emily And The Lottery'

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Everyone has been to the movies to watch a horror film, and anyone who has been through eighth grade english; has read a horror story. Some horror that is shown in short stories can be shown through murder, or the actions that the characters make. Three stories that were discussed in English 161 showed horror through the plot. Throughout the stories “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “A Rose for Emily,” and “The Lottery;” horror is developed very openly, and is shown through vivid details. In the short story “A Tell-Tale Heart,” Edgar Allan Poe shows horror through the main character. First, in paragraph eleven, the main character screams, “The old man’s hour has come!” This shows that the main character was going to end the Old Man’s life. Not only does the main character decide when the Old Man’s life is to end, but he also smiles at the scene of the …show more content…

She kills Homer because she knows that he has never really loves her. He uses her for her company, and when she has the epiphany, she takes action. In her mind, killing Homer will prevent him from leaving her to go see someone else. Yes, this plan will work, but does she think of the consequences? Just like the previous short story, this story continues to get better. Whenever the people came to Miss Emily’s house, what they find petrifies them-- they find Homer lying dead in the bed. The people in the house describe Homer as hard to tell the difference between the bed and what was left of his body (paragraph 58). The most horrific part of the whole story is when the people notice “that in the second pillow was the indention of a head,” (paragraph 59). This shows that Miss Emily has been sleeping with the dead body. Both of the passages are great examples of how horror can be conveyed through short stories. Not only are those good examples, but so is the short story, “The

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