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The purpose of experiencing a hospice clinical was to give me the opportunity to observe and participate in the care of my patients who are receiving hospice care in their home. My first encounter occurred in Jenks, Oklahoma at the patient’s personal home. Upon entering the house, we were greeted by his wife and one of their sons. Before we spoke with the patient we had a pre-conference in the patient’s living room with his wife. My nurse asked how the patient’s wife was doing and the wife stated that she needs more help with his care. She feels like her husband needs some form of an assistive device for walking, getting in and out of bed, an assistive device for urinating, and a chaplain. In response to this statement the nurse asked her if she would like a walker, …show more content…

Being offered these services further highlights his declining health. This hospice clinical made me experience a variety of emotions. My first initial emotions were nervousness and awkwardness, I believe I felt this way because I have never been directly involved with hospice. The second wave of emotions consisted of sorrow and hopelessness. I felt these emotions because I couldn’t fathom being in their situation, but then I realized I cannot let these emotions affect the way I care for this patient and his family. The last of my emotions were compassion and motivation. I was motivated to be compassionate for the patient and his family. Upon entering the patient’s room I finally understood my place and part of how to care for this patient. This hospice clinical will affect me for years to come, it taught me how to show compassion even when I am scared for the patient. It taught me that just because my patient is dying, or is very much near death, doesn’t mean that they are unaware of their condition. I honestly feel that this hospice experience has made me a better person, and it will make me a better

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