Hostel Services Case Study

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1.0 Introduction

Hostel Services provides homeless individuals and families with children with shelter and assistance, such as meals, basic necessities, and counselling and support programs [1]. Individuals that do not or cannot take advantage of this support sleep outside and are referred to as “rough sleepers” [2]. . Hostel Services is looking for a design for an interim shelter that will ensure the health and safety of these rough sleepers during Toronto’s harsh winters while long term plans for sheltering are underway [3].

2.0 Problem Statement

According to a 2013 study by the City of Toronto Affordable Housing office, around 10% of Toronto’s homeless population live on the streets [4]. These individual’s health and safety are more susceptible to extreme weather. Current shelters are not able to help these rough sleepers stay safe from the extreme cold winters of Toronto. Since the winter of 2013-14, Toronto has had an average of 29 cold weather alerts [5]. A cold weather alert for Toronto is defined …show more content…

3.2 Closed Questions

4.0 References

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