How Are Jacinta Trimalchio And Jay Gatsby Similar

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In the two books The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Great by Sara Benincasa there are many similarities and differences between the deaths of Jacinta Trimalchio and Jay Gatsby. Both characters were protecting someone they love which resulted in their deaths. But though they died for similar reasons the way the characters died were very different One similarity between the two characters deaths was why they died. In The Great Gatsby when gatsby and daisy where driving home from New York myrtle ran in front of the car and ended up getting hit and dying gatsby and daisy drove away as if nothing happened. Afterwards when Tom Nick and Jordan were headed home behind them they saw a commotion and stopped to see what had happened. Tom asked about the car then he assumed it was gatsby. Later on, gatsby told nick that it was daisy who was driving the car that hit myrtle. In Great, the same thing happened. Jacinta and Delilah were driving home when they hit Misti on her bike. They as well drove away as if nothing happened. Teddy Naomi and Jeff were headed home behind them they saw a crowd and stopped to see what happened. When teddy found out it was Misti he asked about the car and …show more content…

In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby's death was a result of Wilson assuming gatsby killed myrtle, his wife. Gatsby took the blame for Myrtle's death to protect Daisy. Wilson doesn't hold all the responsibility for Gatsby's death. Gatsby's love for daisy is also to blame. If he didn't care so deeply for her he wouldn't have taken the blame and Wilson would've never shot gatsby. In Great, Jacinta ended her own life, unlike gatsby who was shot. Jacinta assumed Delilah would tell the truth, tell the police it was her who was driving when they hit Misti but she was planning on telling the police it was Jacinta who was driving which made her feel as if her only option was to end her life. She cared too much for Delilah in the end and that's why she

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