How Are Tom Buchanan And Jay Gatsby Alike

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Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are two main characters in the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Gatsby and Tom are similar in many ways but Gatsby is a better character because he cares for people and their feelings. Throughout the novel you can see how alike these two are and What is the difference between Gatsby and Tom Bouchernon.

Tom and Gatsby have many things in common, one being their love for Daisy. Tom and Gatsby both showed their love for Daisy in different ways. One way Gatsby showed his love for her was by throwing huge parties in hopes that she would attend. Another way Gatsby shows his love is by being persistent and keeping hope that maybe one day this girl will come back to him. Tom loves Daisy but it is very hard to see throughout the story. We start to realize that Tom really loves her when Daisy says “I did love him once-but I love you too”(Fitzgerald 132). Daisy loved Gatsby once but now that she has a kid with Tom and a nice life she knows that she cannot leave …show more content…

Tom and Gatsby are both insecure because they care way too much about what other people think. We can see Gatsby's insecurity by the way he responds to Daisy's reaction to his party. Gatsby got all worried that she hated it and then he was upset and didn't know what to do about it. We see Tom's insecurities when he says “I’d rather not be the polo player”(Fitzgerald 105) and this shows he’s insecure because he would rather be seen as a rich man and not just a polo player. Another example of Gatsby's insecurities is that he is afraid to be abandoned and alone and that's why he likes Nick so much because he doesn't want to have no one. This is the same reason that Gatsby hangs on to a string of hope that Daisy might come back to him. While Gatsbys is afraid of being alone, Tom's insecure about his status and how people see his wealth. Tom and Gatsby are both insecure. Although, it is shown in dramatically different

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