Similarities Between Tom Buchanan And Jay Gatsby

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While Jay Gatsby truly loved Daisy for who she was, Tom Buchanan loved the idea of being able to say that Daisy was his wife. Because of this Daisy was caught in the middle and did not know who to choose. Both Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan loved Daisy but in completely different ways.
Jay Gatsby loved Daisy for who she was as a person rather than how she made him look to others. Jay wanted Daisy to be happy so he bought her an expensive house to make sure she would always live a life of luxury. He was willing to do anything for Daisy even if that meant waiting year after year for her to come back into his life. The difference between Tom and Gatsby is that even though Gatsby bought her everything, he loved her, unlike Tom.
Leading up to the meeting at Nick’s house, Gatsby made sure everything would be perfect for Daisy. After buying cakes for Daisy’s visit, Nick said to Gatsby, “ ‘Will they do?’ I asked. ‘Of course, of course! They’re fine!’ and he added hollowly ‘...old sport.’ ” (Fitzgerald 84). Gatsby was so nervous and in love with Daisy that he didn’t want to mess anything up after not seeing her for so long. Here it shows …show more content…

Tom gave Daisy a life of luxury with anything she could ever want, but he didn’t love her. Instead, he loved the idea having Daisy as his wife and being able to show her off. While Daisy enjoyed having a life of luxury that Tom allowed her to have , she didn’t need expensive things, she needed a husband who loved her. If Tom had really loved Daisy, then he wouldn’t have been cheating on her. When Myrtle called during dinner, Jordan said to Nick “ ‘Why-’ she said hesitantly, ‘Tom’s got some woman in New York.’ “ (Fitzgerald 15). This shows how little Tom actually cared about Daisy. He was cheating on Daisy while she was fully aware of what was going on, yet he didn’t care. Tom may have loved the idea of having Daisy as his wife, but he didn’t truly love her if he could cheat on

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