How Concussions Can Affect People's Lives

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A concussion is an impermanent unconsciousness induced by a blow to a head. It can happen anytime anywhere. It affects head, memory, and personal changes in how people act. Concussions can be caused in sports, car accidents, minor and major falls, or even fights. People’s bodies can be greatly affected by a concussion. Concussions can affect people’s lives in many ways; one of them is mentally. Some examples are depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Depression involves, “…feeling sad or worthless, changes in sleep or appetite, difficulty concentrating, withdrawing from others, loss of interest or pleasure in life, lethargy (feeling tired and sluggish), or thoughts of death or suicide.” (Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center). Also used by the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center; anxiety causes to feel nervousness or also to worry a lot. Mood swings can happen …show more content…

Some examples as stated in Office of Public Affairs are headaches, dizziness, ringing in ears, blurred vision, and etc. How people will notice if someone could have a concussion is as exampled. They could be appearing gazed, not listening; getting really tired easily, loss of balance, unsteady walking, and etc. Physically, people can see the signs of having a concussion, but can people see the affects of it socially? The affects of having a concussion can hurt a person socially. Stated by Dr. Fred Klingbeil, socially people won’t want to be around anyone. If they don’t want to be around them its going to cause them to be isolated from everyone else. Another thing that could change socially is that they won’t like the activities they used to enjoy, so if this happens the fear of losing friends, and not talking as much as they used too. Socially, if people isolate themselves from the world it could cause greater pain than what the concussion has already affected in a

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