How Did Al Capone's Impact On American Society

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The Roaring Twenties had its ups and downs. During this time period, consumerism skyrocketed and many people felt free. Women were breaking the “standards'', African American singers and their culture were being seen by others, and Prohibition was causing problems. For instance, since people were not allowed to drink or use alcohol, this caused people to use and sell alcohol illegally. Crime rates rose and gangs formed. One famous criminal was Al Capone. Al Capone was known as the mob boss and gang leader of Chicago. Al Capone influenced American society by helping out his community and by supporting his religious beliefs but he mostly set standards for organized crime, and interfered with the law system through bribery, which had many negative impacts. Al Capone impacted the people and …show more content…

Many people saw him as a big mob boss, but he also had some kind in his heart. For instance, Capone was Christian so he would help out the people at his church. He got to participate in Mass each time he went. Even though Capone sold alcohol, he also protested against Prohibition for his religion, so they could take wine during mass. Following this further, he would tell the children not to do what he does, not join the mob and he said that he would not accept any children into his mob. He taught children the right thing to do, even though he didn't do good things. In addition, Capone never sent any hits out on children. The text, “How did Al Capone influence Chicago'' stated, “Capone helped people through tough times right before the Great Depression, he produced jobs, got his people what they wanted and influenced women and kids not to do what he did” (How did Al Capone 1). Clearly, Capone had a little good in his heart. He wanted to protect his people and teach others to be good, since his work hurt his loved ones, like his wife and son. All in all, Capone did good and bad things that influence Chicago and the lives we all have

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