How Did Bob Moses Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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When people ponder of the civil rights movement, they tend to think of Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks. Although Parks and King Jr were very inspirational in the movement, there were very many other activists that played a large role in the movement for civil rights. One such activist, Bob Moses, believed in equal rights for African Americans, as well as equal education for all students. Moses revolutionized his equal opportunity and had played a vital role in making his ideals reality. Throughout the Civil Rights Movement, Moses was very vital in the equality movement for African Americans in the United States. Bob Moses, of New York City, graduated from Harvard University and quickly began teaching at Horace Mann School in New York. During the Civil Rights Movement, Moses was faced with constant violence, as well as intimidation from governmental officials. On one occasion, Moses was attacked by a white male. Moses took this to the courts and tried to challenge this attack to get his attacker persecuted. The all-white jury acquitted him, and the judge told Moses he could not protect him and later escorted Moses to the county line. In …show more content…

He used the award, in which he received, to create the Algebra Project. The Algebra Project was created to improve minority mathematics education in his daughter’s school, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When Moses taught mathematics at Lanier High School in Mississippi, he developed potential methods for the Algebra Project, with the help and support from parents and community members. Since 1982, Bob Moses has worked to expand the Algebra Project from teaching math in only one school, to giving his thought-out methods to over 200 schools in the late 1990s. Moses approach on teaching mathematics was to develop certain meths that were sustainable and that focused on the well-being of the students’ learning

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