Civil Rights Dbq Essay

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When it came to civil rights, finding the right person to lead an entire population into freedom was a pretty important problem. The two most important leaders in the Civil Rights Movement were Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, and they were respected by a large portion of the black community in America. Although, when it came the troubling issues of segregation, both of schools and in everyday activities, and the violent approach to fight racism v.s. the non violent approach, Martin Luther King Jr. was a better person to lead black americans. The first reason why black americans needed Martin Luther King Jr. over Malcolm X was MLK’s view on segregation. He believed that in order to end the stigma of black americans, white men and black men must work together. “With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, or to go to jail together.” (Doc B) MLK believed that if black people and white people continued to be segregated, they would never be …show more content…

was the right person to lead black americans was his views on economics. He believed that the right way to create equality in the business place was to boycott any companies who gave black citizens unfair pay/treatment. “In the past six months simply by refusing to purchase products from companies which do not hire Negroes, the ministers of Chicago have increased the income of the Negro community by more than 2 million dollars annually.” (Doc F) MLK thought that by taking a non-violent approach to boycott businesses who treated black people unfairly, they would raise wages for black workers and lower prices for black customers. This was more effective than Malcolm X’s supposed approach to take control of the economy and begin to manage their own businesses (Doc G). This plan would have caused conflict with the white men who felt power over the black men, meaning there would have been a likely chance many men would be

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