Malcolm X Dbq Essay

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During the Civil Rights Movement, America was filled with segregation and racism. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X both had an uncompressing love for their people, they both wanted to see the blacks in the best position possible during this time of hardship and pain. Many Americans inappropriately thought of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X as the perfect opposites. For example. Martin Luther was a minster who believed in love and non-violent action as forces of political and social changes. While, Malcolm X was a man on the streets and advocated violence by any way necessary. Martin Luther King Jr philosophy, in the 1960’s made the most sense because he made America move forward, made everyone equal and also stopped non-violence.

Martin Luther and Malcolm X had their first meeting at the U.S. Capitol on March 26, 1964, they seemed to have mutual respect during this time. (Doc A). Malcolm X believed that the blacks and the whites should be separated, he wanted the whites to work in conjunction and work among their own kind, and this simply means that he wanted the whites to work alone. (Doc C) While, King wanted to spread equality and wanted everyone to be equal. In his famous speech ‘I Have a Dream”, he describes that he wants everyone to be happy and live as one. …show more content…

Malcolm wanted the violent way and wanted to fight and start wars if it was “necessary” to do, while Martin Luther King took the non-violent route and did everything he could to try and stop that. He thought that nonviolence is the refusal to cooperate with evil, and there is nothing effective with the evil that they had in their communities during this time. (Doc F) Martin believed that blacks should not work with evil, he knew that the blacks would go through pain that the whites caused them (Doc J) Also, King preached for equality and desegregation and wanted white people and African Americans to work together. (Doc

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