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Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X had been very important leaders to the Civil Rights movement. Their differing philosophies had made them unique, and brough differing perspectives to the 1960s. In the 1960s, society had been cruel in their treatment of African-Americans. Segregation was still in place, and hate and violence to African Americans had been at a high. The Civil Rights movement had been a big step for African-americans as they fighted for equal rights and the end of segregation. With all the negativity and violence, Malcolm X brought a better philosophy that made more sense for America because he preached for peace, he no longer wanted to be seperated, and his boycotts had been successful. Martin Luther King Jr. preaching peace had been very progressive because he did not want to achieve peace with violence. This is seen when Martin Luther King Jr. makes his “I Have a Dream Speech” where he appeals to his audience’s emotions rather than preaching hate or …show more content…

makes it clear that he does not want segregation, and that he wants African-Americans and white people to be in the same schools. This is seen when King writes of how he wants segregated schools to be in the past. (doc D). Kig is addressing African Americans in this speech before a march. This is important because it is made obvious that he is fighting for African-Americans rights to be in the same schools as whites and to earn the same education as white children did. Malcolm X doesn’t show that same attitude as Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X fights more for an African-American community that is independent. (doc G). X’s intended focus is having an independent community because he no longer wants to be in boy scouts just for African-Americans to get jobs when they can get a job in his envisioned community. Martin Luther King Jr. , although, is willing to picket and boycott in order to get jobs, education, and equal rights because he does not want to back

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