Malcolm X Dbq Essay

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In the 1960, in america during the civil war movement two leaders emerged wanting freedom but both had different views on how to achieve that goal. The first man was Martin Luther King Jr. and believed in more peaceful tactics while the other man Malcolm X believed more of a violent approach and shared his very well observed hate towards mostly the white man. I will be showing you why Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy is the most accurate way to accomplish the goal of freedom thru the works of non violent responses, boycotts, and demanding equality. The first reason was his approach to the white men when they try to harm African Americans or break them down. He does not give into his evil urges, he simply turned the other cheek and always …show more content…

In document E it says “Basic to the philosophy of nonviolence is the refusal to cooperate with evil…simply by refusing to purchase products from companies which do not hire Negroes and meaningful numbers and in all job categories, the Ministers of Chicago under SCLC operation Breadbasket have increase the income of the Negro Community by more than 2 million dollars annually…. This is non-violence at its peak of power,” this quote is stating that the Negroes boycotted all the companies who refused them their rights as humans. Instead of blowing up the bus they decided to just stop riding the bus entirely. They walked to school and they walk to work, they had carpals and some even lost their job just to prove a point. In the end King's philosophy proved to be correct because many Negroes got the rights that they so wholeheartedly deserved without using the fist or taking out their anger on the white Americans or any Americans who disrespected them for that matter. They knew that they were not the total Elite race of the world Martin felt as if everybody was equal because of his strongly christian-based background. I also have another quote from that document E “there is nothing quite so effective as a refusal to cooperate economically with the forces and institutions which perpetuate evil in our communities.” This quote is simply reinstating the quote shown …show more content…

I completely understand protecting your family and standing up for yourself but that is not what African Americans were completely doing in the 1960s. They were just as bad as the white men they were not helping better the situation the only made it worse for themselves. They cost more trouble for their children in the future than they realize. Because of all the riots and the violence African Americans today are stereotyped as Thugs and robbers and thieves. In 2017 you couldn't even walk into the store without causing some kind of Suspicion because you are black and your pants are sagging. Also I understand why you might think that all white men are bad but that's where you're wrong they are not all bad. When you get to a place to where you feel as if a whole race is bad because of one person that is not fair. Martin Luther King was all about understanding that that the white people were taught that African-Americans or basically the devil. He understands that it is not their fault because of how they were

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