How Did Malcolm X Change America

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In the modern United States of America, all people of all races are supposed to be treated equally under the eyes of the law. There are no ethnicity separated schools, water fountains are not race specific, and anyone is allowed to sit wherever they want on the bus no matter the color of their skin. However, this is not how America always was. These dramatic changes to our society came about in the mid-nineteenth century during the civil rights movement. This peaceful movement consisted of many famous marches, boycotts, and speeches. The most important element of this movement was the civil rights activists. These people were articulate, strong willed, and empowering leaders that inspired Americans both at the time all the way through today. One man in particular, Malcolm X managed to stand apart from such an impressive crowd. His brilliant public speaking skills lifted people all around the USA to action. Although today he is respected and credited for his work during the time, his alternative methods were not always seen this way. Malcolm Little (later he changed his name to Malcolm X) was born on May …show more content…

His approach was shocking to many, it raised many emotions throughout the entire United States of America, pride, antipathy, confusion, hate, and unity. However history may look at him, it is undeniable that he accomplished many great things. His protest against the unjust treatment of African American’s will forever be survived by the establishment equal opportunity laws. Despite the leaps and bounds that have been made since the days of the civil right’s movement, there is still much to go in regards to racial tension, equal treatment, and respect for all peoples no matter the color of their skin, however, Malcolm reminds us that it is in the hands of Americans today to make that change, to put it in his words, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it

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