Malcolm X Ethos Pathos Logos

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Notoriously, Martin Luther King Jr. has been the name of the civil rights movement, the one we all look up to in terms of the end of segregation. But, this respectable man was not the only one to take action in the name of equality, as another infamous speaker, Malcolm X, also drove the civil rights movement in a way of ferociousness and rage. This man, the head of the Black Nationalist movement, gave phenomenal speeches that indirectly propelled the civil rights movement, including Prospects For Freedom, By Any Means Necessary, and Message to the Grassroots. Malcolm X was a man who was an illustrious black nationalist, and was the speaker for the Nation of Islam. He often preached controversial things that regularly contrasted him with Dr. …show more content…

In these strict homilies, he used a multifarious amount of rhetoric, specifically in his allocution, The Ballot or the Bullet, where he truly harnessed all three elements, Logos with his use of conditional logic, Ethos with his use of the tool goodwill, and Pathos with his play on the end of the duality anger. In its entirety, the rhetoric that Mr. X avails is incredibly propitious, as it serves its purpose to persuade and deliver the message intentionally and flawlessly. He captivates the listeners and draws them in to coax them in a way that is deserving of respect. All of these elements cohere and harmonize like pieces of the same puzzle that he knew exactly how to put together. To conclude, The Ballot or the Bullet is a phenomenal example of all of the elements of rhetoric; The disquisition was incredibly debonair and allowed the audience to not only hear, but to also think, trust, and feel in what he was saying. It was delivered with the simpleness and elegance of a soliloquy that in the end, makes it prevail as one of the most astounding models of rhetorical

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