How Did Brutus Decide To Kill Caesar In The First Degree?

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Marcus Junius Brutus was a well-respected military general. On March 15, he decided to kill his best friend, Julius Caesar. The question is did Brutus kill Caesar in the first degree? Some people argue that Brutus didn’t even kill Caesar at all. They would say Brutus wasn’t the first to stab Caesar, so Brutus didn’t kill him. However, Brutus is guilty of first-degree murder because of the act of premeditation and the act of terrorism. Brutus killed Caesar in the first degree because his killing was premeditated. This means that the killing was planned out beforehand. It was premeditated when Brutus talked to the conspirators. All of the conspirators came to Brutus and talked about killing Caesar before it happened (Shakespeare 2.1). Before …show more content…

Terrorism means a lot of different things but the most generic definition is the use of violence or intimidation in pursuit of political aims. Brutus committed terrorism when he killed Caesar because he thought Caesar had too much power (Shakespeare. 3.1). The main reason Brutus wanted to kill Caesar was that he was too powerful. He saw so much ambition in him and decided to kill him. If Brutus did it for a different reason, he may have not been guilty but he did it for political aims. Brutus also committed terrorism when he tried to persuade the civilians to believe his killing of Caesar was just (Shakespeare. 3.2). After Brutus killed Caesar, he went in front of the civilians and tried to convince everyone that he did nothing wrong. The Louisiana state legislator says terrorism is when the offender has the intent to intimidate or coerce the civilian population. Brutus did this exactly in his funeral speech. Brutus stated, “ If then that friend/demand why he just rose against Caesar, this is my / answer: not that I love Caesar less, that I loved / Rome more” (Shakespeare. 3.2 21-24). This means he killed Caesar for Rome so he didn’t do anything wrong. After he killed Caesar, Brutus went in front of the civilian population and tried to convince them he did nothing wrong, and that he killed him for the city of Rome. If Brutus just told the truth to the civilians he killed Caesar because

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