How Did Dante Alighieri Contribute To Dante's Inferno?

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1. The author that inspired me the most was Dante Alighieri. This poem was the most inspiring for me because this shows many tales of redemption, that a sinner can overcome the evilness that has consumed their lives. I am excited by this tale because I am a sinner, I have not done as horrible things as the characters in this poem have done, but we can all overcome this temptation, no matter how horrible the sin. When Dante made his trip through hell and purgatory, I went on a trip with him, realizing my sin and being shown how I can be forgiven from these sins. If I truly want to be forgiven, I can be, Dante showed me that. He showed me that the path to salvation is a long one, and a trip that not everyone is willing to take. This trip outlines
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