How Did Dr Sasaki Survived Hiroshima

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In the biblical sense a miracle would be an unexplainable occurrence brought about by the power and will of God for a higher purpose. If you were to ask anyone how anyone could have possibly survived hiroshima, they would typically just consider them lucky for having survived such a tragedy. However, when you look into the lives of these survivors, there is a sense of a higher purpose. The impact these survivors left was far too great to have only been implemented by luck. By studying the survivors mentioned in Hiroshima, you can see that they had a great deal in the survival of others, they went on to do great things with their life, and they are still spreading a very important message into the world today by sharing their experience through this book. …show more content…

Sasaki, one of the survivors mentioned in the book, was a skilled surgeon who had shown his generosity by operating on those in need without a permit, risking arrest. This selfless surgeon had happened to be perfectly positioned at the time of the bomb so that he was the only doctor to be completely untouched. In all of the confusion after the attack, Dr. Sasaki immediately “got bandages and began to bind the wounds of those inside the hospital” (Hersey, 29). As wounded survivors made their way to Red Cross hospital he tirelessly worked on each victim all day, selflessly giving his time, energy, and skill into helping others. He may have been the reason most of these people lived, which makes you wonder if he was chosen by God to save these people's lives. It was nearly impossible for him to have been completely untouched, allowing him to save other lives. It can easily considered to be a miracle, his life was protected in order for him to save others. It was not only that he survived by luck, it’s what he did after that proves it was the will of

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