Samoa's Tsunami

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On 29th of September 2009, on a Tuesday morning Samoa was struck by a horrible tsunami that was triggered by an earthquake. These natural disaster s caused Samoan citizens to lose loved ones, had their homes stripped away from them along with their crops and how their economic environment was left damaged. This report will be explaining to you how these natural disasters affected Samoa.

Earths crust is a hard-outer cover that is surrounding around the whole earth; it is made up of many, many pieces that are called Tectonic plates. These tectonic plates are constantly moving however they move quite slowly, the move up to 5 centre meters per year. However, these plates brush against one another without causing any damage. Sometimes …show more content…

This tension caused the waves to move in different directions from one another. One part of the tsunami was headed towards the open ocean and the other side of the tsunami was directed to the land and coastlines of Samoa. This stage of the tsunami is referred to as the local and distant tsunami. The speed of the waves that created by the tsunami is determined by the depth of the water. The distant tsunami was able to have a fast speed as it was going towards open sea which meant that the water was very deep, and the local tsunamis had a very slow speed as the body of the water wasn’t that deep, it was shallow which caused the waves to slowly reach the shore.
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I found this very interesting as I thought the local tsunamis waves would move very fast towards the dry lands and I would’ve thought the distant tsunami waves would move faster because it is moving into the open ocean. This allowed the Samoan citizens to evacuate to higher grounds to become more safe form the tsunami that was about to happen as Samoa is a very mountainous …show more content…

As the volume of the waves continue to rise the space of the waves extent decreases. The Samoan Tsunami which was the “local” tsunami waves reached the highest peak of 14m and with the distance tsunami waves carried on with a high velocity up to the shoreline when the waves height was also escalated.
When the waves height enlarged, the Tsunami would’ve arrived at the shore of Samoa, the water was formed into a “vertical wall”. The force from the tsunami would’ve travelled more into the inlands of Samoa which caused more

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