How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Britain

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The Industrial Revolution was in the early nineteen century, it made Britain stronger. It was first created to raise people’s quality if living. Daily things for people to use or wear become more . Before the revolution, people lived on farms or small towns and villages where there was lack of resources and manufacturing. Farmers might spend their day working while women spent their whole day making cloth or other house using products by hand. During the Industrial Revolution things changed a lot, people could create things in short time and had a stable quality of cloth. They could make products fast by machine instead of making them by hand. Crops grew in better conditions without being destroyed by winds or storm. Transportation …show more content…

The government is also a very important parts for the whole Industrial Revolution for Britain. The government helped Britain in many aspects during the Industrial Revolution. The stable government make the factory owners, traders and inventors have a more stable condition for not being copy by someone else, under the government’s protection. The traders might not worried about being replaced by others and so they kept trading with Britain. With traders kept trading in Britain, it cause Britain’s economy to grow, as economy grow Britain itself became stronger. The growth of economy led to more invention, inventors would start to invent new machines that increase the living quality of people and created jobs in Britain. Some inventors started to invent bomb or other weapons for armies and navy from wars. At the same time the military in Britain started to grow, soldieries are been trained more rapid and instance, so they will be ready to go to war at any time. These strong military protect their country, economy and also their family. The stable government lent itself to industrial development as market enterprise and entrepreneurship were encouraged, by having established banking system and stable government. Britain become a more stable and a stronger country on economy and military, and also more traders like to trade with Britain in London. The stable government kept the country to growth in many different ways. People in Britain became more and more united, as their country became

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