James Madison's Accomplishments

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James Madison was one of the greatest political minds of the revolutionary time. Though small and sickly, he never let that stop him from becoming a critical part in the formation of our new government. Without his wisdom in the creation of our government, it could have taken decades to form a successful plan. James Madison will forever be remembered for his outstanding work in the Continental Congress and on the Bill of Rights. Madison gained an early interest in politics. After Madison graduated from Princeton University, he acquired an interest in the issue of British taxation. The formation of America’s government fascinated him. Madison’s curiosity about the government was put to rest due to the start of the Revolutionary War (history.com). “He was elected to the Orange County Committee of Safety in December of 1774, and joined the Virginia militia as a colonel the following year” (biography.com). When he was no longer able to serve in the militia, James Madison needed politics to dedicate his life too. Politics were always Madison’s true passion. Madison’s work in his state government better prepared him for the prestigious work he would complete forming our nation’s government. …show more content…

“Madison, after undertaking an extensive study of other world governments, came to the conclusion that America needed a strong federal government in order to help regulate the state legislatures and create a better system for raising federal money” (history.com). The Virginia Plan Madison presented to the Congress was so successful, we still use it today. It is very important that Madison created this system of government because if the Continental Congress put another defective government plan into action, the people would no longer trust the group to lead

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