Compare And Contrast Jackson And Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson had comparable political methods of insight. They were important in the history of presidents.Jefferson and Jackson had faith in the common man having a voice in government, and did not need excessively control being given to the government. They were instructed men, with great information of the law like all presidents, and they trusted that a farming based economy was the way to America’s practical development. Thomas Jefferson's big idea was to get rid of Aristocratic Democracy to have a huge Democracy party. He wanted to have an understanding of the Constitution as an Anti Federalist.Anti Federalists were the group of people who opposed to ratifying the Constitution.He used the Anti Federalists views while making some decisions,like supporting the public education.He put work in to education, and he told the …show more content…

He guaranteed to represent as he felt the Founders proposed, in view of decentralized government and trust in the general population to settle on the correct choices for themselves. From that point onward, these have turned out to be known as Jeffersonian principles. Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and steeped in the rationalist ideals of the Enlightenment, now had the opportunity to put his philosophy into action. He continued to express his trust in educated citizens, yet every one of them men to govern themselves through majority rule over a few landed aristocrats. He contradicted specialized federal aid as anti democratic. In Jefferson's term, there was a political party which believed that only wealthy men should rule.People thought wealthy men were best qualified by the experience of making and managing their wealth,and to know how government could help and how it could hurt it . This was basically so they could avoid having a bad

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