How Did John D Rockefeller Affect America

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How Did John D. Rockefeller Affect America?
What do you think it would take to make our imprint on America? To end up in the history books, being studied by the the generations after, and then the generations after and so on. Just as John D. Rockefeller had done, because almost everything you do would not have been possible without his big business ways and his discoveries. He made his mark on America. John D. Rockefeller practically lit up the country with his company, Standard Oil. In eighteen-seventy Rockefeller started his company with a group of men, although he was the president considering he was the largest shareholder. His company founded the chemical that was the was very flammable, called Kerosene, that was put into lanterns or streets to help light your home and make the street more visible. Standard Oil began to buy out other companies and began to sell and distribute their products all over the globe, which made them a monopoly. After this, Standard Oil began to reach new heights by combining the other businesses the they consumed and became the a The …show more content…

During the Progressive Era in America there was a group of journalist called muckrakers that expose the corrupt industries such as Standard Oil. One muckraker, named Ida Tarbell, targeted Rockefeller and his company. She was the author of the book“The History of Standard Oil”, which brought to light the corrupt ways of business. The president that was appointed to office after the death of Mckinley was Theodore Roosevelt, who found the book written by Ida Tarbell quite interesting. Theodor put Standard Oil under heavy investigations and took Rockefeller to trail. After the trial Rockefeller was charged with many things and Standard Oil was broken down from a monopoly and Rockefeller was forced to step down was the

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