How Did John Locke Contribute To The Enlightenment

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During a time period called the Enlightenment, America underwent major philosophical changes. New ideas from several different brilliant people spread across the newly discovered land causing people’s way of thinking to alter. This time meant transformation for America. John Locke, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison all executed their ideas successfully which makes them some of the most vital people in the Enlightenment of America. The Enlightenment was a theoretical movement which brought forth an abundance of new ideas in America. It was a time of evolution in the New World in effort to distant themselves from the rulings of Great Brittan. This movement consisted of ideas from multiple profound individuals. These …show more content…

His ideas greatly contributed to the Enlightenment in the United States. Locke argued for rights to life and possessions/property, freedom of religion and liberty. Founding Fathers, including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, fully supported Locke’s notions and philosophies. John Locke’s ideas became the groundwork for numbers of governments across the world, including America, and provided a numerous amount of people with liberty and freedom. Benjamin Franklin, Found Father and full supporter of John Locke, was a politician, diplomat, statesmen, scientist and an author. Benjamin Franklin played a major role in the American Enlightenment through his scientific discoveries and ideas of republicanism. His ideas helped to develop new concepts and views in the science and political world, in turn, giving America the advancement it needed. Thomas Jefferson, another Founding Father of America, was the sole write of the Declaration of Independence. In this vital piece of American history, Jefferson composed his ideas of parity and liberty. Thomas Jefferson also promoted religious tolerance, equality and the ideas of abolishing slavery. His ideas significantly contributed to the American Enlightenment because for the first time in American history, we had freedom and liberty. Jefferson wrote the ground-works for our

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