The Enlightenment Movement: The Beginning Of The Enlightenment Movement

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THE ENLIGHTENMENT “All mankind being all equal and independent no one ought to harm another in his life” john Locke. The enlightenment has a major impact on today's every day life the philosophers of the enlightenment changed the way government was thought of and looked at. Did the enlightenment inspire change the way people thought of the government. Why did the enlightenment movement start , or what was the beginning of possibility the best movement of the 17 century. There were three major issues for the enlightenment. First of the three issues were the mistreatment at the hands of the monarchs the people of their country was unhappy, because of the Debt there king got them into because of all the wars they took part in (“Philosophy & Philosophers.” Philosophy & Philosophers, Since the debt the the people were tired of the way the monarchs ran the country and decided to do something about that. The people began to think differently than traditional ways and overthrow the monarchs. Overthrowing the monarchs would change everything but it wasn't easy, the …show more content…

Thomas Jefferson stressed that liberty and equality were natural human right and that every one deserves them (“Philosophy & Philosophers.” Philosophy & Philosophers, Montesquieu was also very influential he was guided by a respect for the human person and the dedication to political and liberty of modern political views to move forward (“Philosophy & Philosophers.” Philosophy & Philosophers, Today's government would be dramatically different if it was not for these and enlightenment. Life would also different if the enlightenment never took place we would have not close as much freedoms we have

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