Examples Of Ideas During The American Revolution

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Throughout the American Revolution we can see examples of ideas taken from the Age of Reason. More commonly known as the Enlightenment Era, this was a period of time where humans began to see that reason could be used to solve all problems. There were many philosphes during this time but three main ones were Machiavelli, John Locke, and Voltaire. Despite each of their own ideas inspiring different leaders throughout the Revolution, they all would hold a different outlook if we were able to ask them today.

For example, Machiavelli would see the Revolution more than likely repulsive. He did not believe in caring for the people and he took brutal actions to prove so. His experience in violent politics influenced his idea on how government should be, and he believed the correct form of government was absolute monarchy. The American Revolution showed a revolt against the leader, a government made for the people, and a shared rule of power between branches. All of these things would most likely make Machiavelli outraged and cause him to be extremely upset with the outcome of the American Revolution. …show more content…

He believed that people should be able to overthrow their leader if they were not happy and that is exactly what the colonists did. After the American Revolution was won the Declaration of Independence was then formed after multiple drafts. This document demonstrated Locke’s philosophy that all men were born equal with the natural right of life, liberty, and property. The Declaration of Independence was highly influenced by Locke’s ideas and if he was alive to be able to see the outcome, he would be very pleased to say the

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