How Did Julius Rosenberg Affected The Korean War

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The lives of two infamous spies in American history greatly affected the Korean War and assisted the enemy during the Cold War. They used coded messages to aid the Soviets and ultimately, were given the death sentence for crimes against their country. These two infamous spies are Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
Julius Rosenberg was the son of two Russian immigrants. He was born on May 12, 1918 and lived in New York. Julius attended Seward Park High School and later on he attended the City College of New York and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 1939. During World War II Julius joined the Army, working on radar equipment. Later on he became a leader in the YCL, Young Communist League. Ethel Greenglass was born on September 28, 1915 and also lived in New York. Ethel went to Seward Park High School but did not meet Julius until later on in life. Ethel was an actress and singer until she took a secretarial job at a shipping company. She joined the …show more content…

On June 17, 1950 Julius was arrested for suspicion of espionage. Sgt. David Greenglass, Ethel’s younger brother, who worked with Julius in the Army informed the authorities that David and Julius had been passing secret information to the USSR through a courier, being Harry Gold. Julius allegedly convinced Mr. Greenglass to help gather secret information for the Soviets. Greenglass was stationed in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where he was ordered to work on the Manhattan Project where he focused on the making of the atomic bomb. After the secret information about the atomic bomb was leaked to the Soviets, the Soviets made and detonated an atomic bomb. The U.S. government conducted an investigation to find out who stole their information and gave it to the Soviets. They found hidden code messages between the Soviets and Julius Rosenberg (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (d

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