How Did Malcolm X Impact On Religion

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Malcolm X was a preacher of the religion Islam. In his teenage years, Malcolm was in prison. After prison, he changed his life and began preaching Islam. There was jealousy over how popular Malcolm X was becoming with followers of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm soon left the Nation of Islam and became an advocate for the overthrow of oppressive laws. Malcolm X's life consisted of being in prison for crimes, becoming a preacher of Islam, and then becoming an advocate for the overthrow of oppressive laws. He did not believe in peaceful protesting but in violent protesting.

Malcolm X preached the religion of Islam. Followers of Islam all believed in the preachings of Elijah Muhammad. All followers are African Americans. This religion is different from mine because in my religion we have people of all races worshipping the same God. Not just one race. Malcolm X went through being in prison, becoming a preacher then not preaching, and then to being an advocate for the overthrow of oppressing laws. Malcolm X went to prison when he was a teenager. There he wanted to dedicate his life to preaching the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm X grew popular to the followers of Islam. Other preachers were jealous and that caused a lot of problems for Malcolm X. He left the Nation of Islam. He soon became an advocate …show more content…

He will be remembered for the way he could rile up a crowd. Being in jail, being and preacher, and being an advocate for other causes are all factors of why some people liked Malcolm X so much and others did not. Being thrown in jail led him to the Nation of Islam. Being a preacher of Islam taught him how well he could get people to listen to him and for them to understand what he was saying. Being an advocate for the overthrow of oppressive laws was a way for Malcolm to still reach people without being a preacher. Being in jail, preaching Islam, and being an advocate for real world issues is what Malcolm will be remembered

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