How Did Martin Luther King Change Today

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Martin Luther King Jr Changes today’s world
Since the human race, has been around for centuries and centuries the world we know today has always had it good and bad imperfections. While we know today, that slavery as well as segregation has always been around it still happens today in many ways. Looking back at to the 1950’s: our people of many races, especially African Americans went through a very rocky patch in life. Still today some experience this called, “racism, discrimination” for their color of skin. Most people have tried to stop this and have not succeed in helping, but a guy named Martin Luther King Jr, was the one. While Martin knew what was to come his way, he had the courage to fight and stand up for his and others rights.
Dr. King was one of the bravest souls, amongst many who took things into consideration and is well known for his bravery today. Not only did he try to help he stood up for …show more content…

He had inspired many citizens who wanted peace in the nation and to stop racism around the world. He had severed jail time many times for what he believed in. Everything he had believed in and fought to stop segregation end. Shortly, in 1968 Martin Luther King Jr had been assassinated.
Even though Dr. King has passed his legacy still lives on and many still partake in making the world a better place. King impacted the world and since, the biggest impact would have to be the United States having its first black president, Barack Obama. Let us not forget that he also has had small achievements such as, diversities in school, public areas as well. In conclusion, Martin Luther King Jr made a huge impact to our nation. He stood by to what he believed in and fought his way to have his dream come true. Which was peace, and have our community come together as one. With his marches and the speeches, he helped to try and end

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