Analysis Of Mary Barnett's Guilty Of Second Degree Murder And Manslaughter

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In the case of Mary Barnett, I agree with the courts decision to find her guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter. This is largely based on my analysis of the witnesses presented during the trial and the demeanor and actions of the defendant. Having an associates degree in psychology helped me formulate decisions about the role of each character and what part they were to play during the course of the trial. I utilized the teaching from the text book as well as the concepts from my social psychology class which required me to people watch and analyze the surroundings, body language, and actions of others.
First, let’s start with the prosecution witnesses. They called a neighbor, police officer, and professional psychiatrist. The neighbor was called to attest to Mary’s character and party life style. It helped show that she made bad decisions and had poor judgment at times, but it does not equate to murder. Not everyone who drinks kills their baby. I also found her to be slightly biased by her comment, “I always thought that Ms. Barnett was a disgrace – I mean, she didn’t have …show more content…

Her dress is blatantly out of character based on earlier testimony of her party life style. At the beginning of her testimony she said, “I don’t remember leaving Alison alone.” (Chaffee, pg. 86) Not remembering is different than I didn’t do it. Mary’s actions throughout this tragedy lead to her guilt. She fully intended to leave her baby behind when she bought a one-way ticket. She had no intentions of coming back. She also attempted to find someone to watch her. Her mother had plans so she found a sitter whom she never showed up for. She even went as far as asking a friend to go check on her house. She knew exactly what she did and wanted someone to find Alison. Then after she returns home and calls the police it is one lie after another. She is not credible and cannot be taken for what she says at the

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