How Did Nationalism Affect The Economy In The Early 1800s

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Economic Developments During the early 1800s, economic developments helped the America grow into a prosperous country. As nationalism was highly prominent during this era, many policies were experimented to try to help America grow with more power. Often times, since America’s population was so diverse, these policies often stemmed differing opinions from different citizens. However, such policies that were generally successful, such as the American System, would amalgamate many parts of the country, as well as producing a self-sustaining and unified nation.

Subsequently after the War of 1812, America expressed patriotic values within their country. However, the country wasn’t as unified, as different sections of the country had different …show more content…

In forms of art, nationalism was expressed visually. At the Hudson River School, many students learned how to paint beautiful landscapes. Founded by Thomas Cole, this school was based in beautiful, nature filled New York State. As the Romanticism movement took place during this era, many paintings were inspired and influenced with patriotism with their country and with oneself. Many of these American artists painted artwork to resemble the beautiful United States, influencing many foreigners as well as citizen to take interest in the country. Paintings of the Hudson River Valley, Connecticut River, and White Mountains became very influential. Genre artists like John Quidor, who painted landscapes and figures from literature, also had a strong liking of the ideals in the Romanticism movement, which influenced his paintings toward a nationalistic impression as well. Quidor was known for being one of the founding fathers of American art. Even though he was never appreciated for his works when he was alive, he changed America’s perspectives on art forever. Both the Hudson River School students and Quidor expressed their paints in a unique “American” way, as they tended to ignore British ideals of art. Creating new artistic values to express pride in America does show the power nationalism had on the …show more content…

Women began to speak about problems they felt needed to be addressed, and began to reform for more equality. A popular example would be Dorothea Dix and reforming the treatment of mentally ill patients. Prior to her reforms, many mentally ill patients lived in with prisoners, in very unsanitary and inhumane conditions. To fix this, Dix spoke out against this problem, and tried to convince federal government to provide these patients with a proper place to live and possibly recover. “It was morally impossible to do justice to the sane and insane in such improper vicinity to each other. The conviction is continually deepened that hospitals are the only places where insane persons can be at once humanely and properly controlled (Dix 1843).” Values of doing right and advancing their country toward more humane ideals helped contribute to nationalism. Additionally, since women could finally be serious reformers, women all over the country felt more included, promoting pride in America as well as

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