How Did New France Influence British North America

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The history of British North America was shaped by a series of significant events, among which was the formation of New France, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812. New France was a French colony that enveloped a large amount of present day Canada down to present day gulf of Mexico. With Quebec as its main settlement, New France grew into a great presence in North America and influenced the fur-trade in many important ways. This French presence would lay the foundation for future battles between the French and the British.
The next moment that played a critical role was the American Revolution. This was a conflict that erupted in 1775 as the American colonies sought independence from the British. As this war unfolded, …show more content…

When this land was first colonized, the British settlers were generally troublesome, often beginning fights or arguments with the natives and French settlers. When their motherland, Britain, tried to tax them for the 7 years war, they immediately retaliated and considered it a great insult. The elected leaders also found it difficult to oppose the British with the laws they put in place. With each colony in America having its own legislature, they didn't think of themselves as American, rather they identified with the colony in which they lived. There were even strong business ties between Britain and the 13 colonies, and it would be a great disturbance for both if trading stopped. In 1744, the elected leaders of each colony held a meeting to discuss the future in spite of what the king wanted. This was the “continental congress”. After the British found out, they responded with even more taxes and laws that infuriated the locals who lived there. One tax that they imposed was especially maddening, the stamp act of 1765. This tax made Americans pay small fees on almost all goods and services as it was in the form of a stamp that was put on goods. This tax was supposed to “Defend the colonies” but the British government kept it for themselves. The …show more content…

These events contributed to the emergence of Canadian identity and unity among the British colonies. The War of 1812 solidified Canadian loyalty to the British crown, stimulated economic growth, and prompted the development of military infrastructure. The American Revolution led to an influx of loyalist settlers and the establishment of new British colonies, while New France created a unique heritage and laid the foundation for future battles between the British and French empires. Together, these events played instrumental roles in shaping British North America, influencing its demographics and promoting economic growth and self-sufficiency. Their legacies continue to resonate in modern-day Canada, where the effects of these moments can still be observed in its political institutions, cultural diversity, and

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