What Are The Changes In British Relations After The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian war brought about immense change to the relations between the British North American Colonies and Great Britain itself. The British Empire defeated the French and their Indian allies in (year), and as a result Great Britain gained sole control over the future Colonial land areas which would later become the East Coast of the United States. As a result, more time and thought in Britain will be dedicated to the internal behaviors of the colonies rather than foreign competitors. Now, Britain will get more involved in Colonial daily life. This is the overarching idea that creates the division between the British Empire and its North American Colonies. Therefore, the relations between Britain and the British North American colonies changes drastically after the war mainly in economics due to a national debt, mainly in land acquisition due to the probability of another war between major nations, and mainly in ideological relations due to …show more content…

The British Empire direly wanted control of the lands surrounding the Colonies. In doing this, the Empire would be able to prevent future wars between the British and Native Americans and the British and other major nations since the war was really caused by reckless groups of Colonists. However, the Colonists still wanted this land because they could make money off of it. Also, the British Empire stationed 7,500 soldiers in the colonies after the war to assist in protection of the Colonies and preventing another war between major nations. However, these troops more or less serve as a means of enforcing acts produced by Parliament. The Colonists were enraged about soldiers being stationed in the Colonies because they were forced to quarter soldiers in their homes. Colonists felt that this violated their rights, which leads into the next change of relations between the Empire and the Colonies after the French and Indian

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