How Did The French And Indian War Cause The American Revolution

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The French and Indian War helped cause the American Revolution in many ways. It also affected the outcome of the war. The french and Indian war helped cause the American Revolution because that war was the reason that Britain was in debt and started to tax the colonists. The taxes the British imposed on the colonist were the starting point of the rebellion that led to the revolution. Because of the French and Indian war the British were wore down which made the actions of the colonist more effective. The French also ended up helping the Colonist towards the end of the war. Because they were not happy with the result of the war they were willing to help the Colonist. Without the much needed help from the French the colonist may have never …show more content…

In order to pay off their debt, they began to tax the colonists. The first tax was the Stamp Act. These taxes angered the colonists. This is when the first signs of rebellion appeared. Without these taxes the colonists may have never started the rebellion that led to the revolutionary war. The French and Indian war took a tole on the British. When the war ended they were already wore down and weak. This made the actions of the colonists more effective. Because of the debt there economy was not strong. As the taxes angered more and more of the colonists they began to boycott. Boycotting British goods and even ending trade with America could greatly hurt the economy in Britain. The merchants relied on the trade with America. During the war of 1812 America tried to end British trade using an embargo. This was not as effective because Britain's economy was stronger.
The outcome of the war was not in favor of the French. Because of this they saw the American Revolution as chance to further weaken the British Empire. France became the colonists greatest and most beneficial ally. During the war, France provided ammunition and gun powder for the soldiers. Frances Navy also helped the colonist win a very important battle at Yorktown which eventually led to the defeat of

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