How Did Peter The Great Modernize Russia

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Peter the Great is one of the historical heroes of Russia. He is best known for modernizing Russia. Even though, one of Peter’s reform was his change in the rule of succession, but it wasn't the most affecting. Peter was determined to reform the military is the most impactful because it led to the “birth of Empire” (Cracraft 88-99). Before Peter came along, the Russia’s military was mostly consist of villagers, led by the village elders into battle to protect the country. During Peter's reign, one major target of reform was military. Peter ordered a military recruitment in 1705 (Cracraft 82) and created the table of ranks. According to Cracraft, “the creation of modern army and the construction of a navy led to an enormous increase in governmental activity” (Cracraft 88). So, the military reform also led to the reform of the local government. Some of the …show more content…

While his military reforms were ongoing, he went out reform education in Russia as well. Having traveled all over Europe, Peter understood how important science, math, and engineering to the military effort (lecture). So, he ordered to build many schools. He believed that his military leaders should be educated, but he also believed that the general public should be educate as well. Moreover, one of the reasons for the military reform was Peter had his eye on the Baltic Sea, which was control by Sweden at the time. Peter entered the Great Northern War. He fought against the Swedish king Charles XI (Cracraft 88). He got what he wanted which was the access to the Baltic Sea. This was important because the sea is connected to many European countries. So, it is easy for Russia to import and export and exchanging new ideas. Peter also demanded nobles to shave off their long traditional beards and wear German clothes to look more Western or

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