How Did Robber Barons Influence The Industrial Industry

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The role that robber barons played were the money makers. They created monopoly which brought themselves for money. The competition they created caused extra work for the laborers. The people that the workers had been working for had been paying them less and less to where it became harder to live. It got to the point of where they had toward constantly just to be able to earn a piece of bread. The robber barons however were living in what you’d call “luxury”. It didn’t matter to them what these people were going through. All they cared about was the income they were “earning”. Robber barons were extremely common among the industrial industry. It seemed as if they were everywhere. The most known that I’ll be talking about includes, John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Cornelius Vanderbilt. These three people in particular were the most influential among society. It was them who made antitrust illegal in …show more content…

The decisions that he made were usually impose reactions. He thought about them but not quite hard enough. Although with his decision making he was able to control most of the oil refineries in Cleveland. His business grew to influence other businesses. This led to monopoly. They began to partner up with a lot of different companies and began to build their company more and more. After a while of the government noticing, what exactly he and others were doing, the government began to punish those who used monopoly to create bigger businesses. Rockefeller then went to distributing his company among others making is fair. The government didn’t see this as a good thing although as they created the antitrust laws and everything he had worked for fell to the end. Rockefeller retired and became the Rockefeller foundation. The foundation used his money to build schools and help charities. John died on May 23rd but his legacy lives

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