How Did Susan B Anthony Change Over Time

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Most children at the age of three still struggle to talk, however Susan B. Anthony could already read and write. As she grew, she continued to read and gain education. She loved learning about equal rights mostly because women had very few rights during her time period. When she became an adult, she stood against segregation but she was mostly known for women's rights. Anthony was an activist for women's rights, she held conventions and attended meetings.

The history behind treatment of women has changed throughout time. Women have been said to be weaker than men. Men state that hard work is required more strength and it's their responsibility. So that left the jobs of women to taking the needs of children, cleaning, milking the cows,and other chores in the house (Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia).

During the early 1800’s women's roles still haven't changed from the 1600’s .They weren't legal citizens which meant they couldn't inherit money or land. However, there were some women that had jobs outside the home as well, mostly with the onset of industrialisation. Sometimes …show more content…

She explained to him how he should add an amendment to the constitution for women's rights. A year later she attended her last suffrage in Washington. There she gave her speech “Failure is impossible” on her 86th birthday. Not much later she died in her house with phenomena. In 1920, Roosevelt added the “Susan B. Anthony amendment” known as the 19th amendment. This gave voting rights to all women over 21 years of age.

Susan B. Anthony went to meetings and held conventions for women's rights. She made a stand for women's rights so they could have freedom to vote. Even though Anthony went to jail she continued to fight. She died in 1906 and in her memory, the U.S Mint released a coin with her face on it. We remember her every time a women's goes to a poll and votes. All the reading she did when she was 3, paid of with rights for

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