How Did The Aztecs Characterize Agriculture

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The Aztecs were a Mesoamerican Civilization that lived in what is now Mexico from the 14th century to the 16th century.They were known for their advanced agricultural practices , which allowed them to sustain a large population in a relatively small environment . This essay will explore Aztecs’ agricultural practices, including their use of chinampas, or floating gardens, and their complex systems of canals and irrigation.

The Aztecs should be remembered for their agricultural practices which were incredibly advanced for their time because they developed sophisticated systems of irrigation and crop cultivation that allowed them to support a large population in a region that was not always in the right conditions for agriculture. They built chinampas, which were like floating gardens, artificial islands built on a freshwater lake for agriculture. They were made from mud and vegetation that were anchored to the bottom of shallow lakes.These gardens grew crops such as maize,beans and squash, which were essential for their diet. These innovations allowed the Aztecs to feed a large population in a relatively small area, and their agricultural practices were a key factor in the success of their civilization. …show more content…

One would be keeping nutrients in the soil, something they did to stop this that they planted crops together or they rotated crops to help keep nutrients in the soil. Maize, squash, and beans were referred to as the “Three Sisters” in Aztec agriculture. These three crops were planted together because they kept the nutrients in the soil, ensuring the crops would grow well and the people would have the food they

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