Aztecs And The Founding Of Tenochtitlans

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In the years between 1350 and 1519 the aztec empire ruled the lower half of mexico. The capitol of the empire was Tenochtitlan, currently mexico city, on the lake Texcoco. They were disliked by many because they were tough warriors who pushed people out of there way. The capitol of their empire was tenochtitlan, current day mexico, on the lake texcoco. They were disliked because people saw them as fierce warriors and fanatical followers of the aztec gods.
They controlled more than ten million people. But in 1519 it all changed when hernan cortes, a spanish conquistador, and 500 others came to tenochtitlan. The conquistadors took over and many sources of aztec history were destroyed. Luckily we few sources survived, enough to answer these questions But who were the aztec people? How did they live? What is important for us to remember about them? The following essay will answer these questions. …show more content…

The Aztecs migrated to the shores of lake texcoco. To the people living in the valley they were disliked because they pushed others out of there way. The aztecs took over the people living in the valley and beyond. By 1434 were demanding tribute and military support from everybody they conquered. The aztecs believed in many gods and were recognized by a cycle of festivals and ceremonies that involved feasting, dancing, and sacrificing. The aztecs were masters of irrigation and in the capital city of Tenochtitlan they could grow four corn crops a year. The aztecs erected many temples and

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