How Did The Baby Boom Change Society

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"And in the end it 's not the years in your life that count. It 's the life in your years."(Abraham Lincoln) The words of Abraham Lincoln describe the accomplishments by the Baby Boomers perfectly and implies that it’s the accomplishments in life that matter the most. The Baby Boom drastically changed Canadian society forever. The Baby Boom was an epoch after World War 2 where there was a massive increase in birth rate. Canada had social reforms, new music genres, and a changed economy. As the multitude of the Boomers are retiring, their contributions have not been forgotten.
The Baby Boomers went through an immense variety of social changes. They defied the society and fought for free speech. The Free Speech Movement started in 1964 …show more content…

The leaders of this protest were arrested by the police soon after. “But we 're a bunch of raw material[s] that don 't mean to have any process upon us, don 't mean to be made into any product, don 't mean to end up being bought by some clients of the University, be they the government, be they industry, be they organized labor, be they anyone! We 're human beings!”(Wikipedia Contributors) This quote was from Mario Savio, the main speaker which obviously shows his anger. The Boomers wanted to be free from the influence of the previous generation and strived for independence. The Free Speech Movement was a crucial contribution because this event presented the Baby Boomers will for independence and their influence on society as young teenagers. However, unlike the United States of America, Canada has a ban on hate speech which defeated the purpose of Freedom of Speech. In conclusion, this movement still transformed Canadian Society due to their close ties to the US. In addition, the Boomers had heavy impacted the society sexually. There was the sexual revolution which causes the Canadians to become more sexually active after the 60s. The birth control pill allowed people to engage in intercourse with a lower risk of …show more content…

Countless new forms of entertainment were introduced by the Baby Boom generation. The rise and popularization of rock and roll changed the way of music. Many rock stars emerged, such as Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan. This is evident has phots of a enormous crowd gathering around a famous rock star. (Garfield Newman, 286) In addition, there was the introduction of rock concerts in the 50s. Rock n roll was full of energy which reflected on how active and energetic the generation was. The Baby Boomers constantly crowded around concerts filled with fans. The Boomers were pioneers of the well-known pop culture. This is evident when West, 52 says “They basically created what today is pop culture. “ (Marie Puente) Most of the families owned TVs, which the children had grown up watching. Children today also focus on television and music which shows that it became popular and was adapted into a culture in our modern-day society. Many Baby Boomers took movies extremely seriously. As the spent a majority of time on the TV, that resulted in the creation of movies. Famous directors such as Spike Lee and Steven Spielberg all made their incredible fantasies after childhood memories of television. (Marie Puente) Movies were taken seriously due to their enjoyment of television and time spent in watching television. This impacted Canadians as now movies are constantly being produced and is very popular in pop culture. This shows the amount of time spent on television and the influence of

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