How Did The Founding Fathers Influence The Declaration Of Independence

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No more Kings. No more tyranny in America. The Founding Fathers have helped shape America for what it is today but prioritizing the people. The Founding Fathers were responsible for the success in being victorious in the Revolutionary War to gain independence and break off of Great Britain. Though they have broken off from Great Britain there needed to be a new form of government that was more free but had order and a system. The founding fathers helped create a system where it would not fall into dictatorship and as a result the new form of government consisted in a monarchy, republic, and democracy government. To have a righteous government that implements what the Founding Fathers believed, they created important documents. It is important to understand the founding fathers influence and purpose of …show more content…

The declaration of independence is to preserve the people's independence through a form of government that is for the people and has order. This document was supposed to bring freedom and equality for some with no ruler but more of a representative of the citizens to have a fair system. The constitution was when it was more clear of what the peoples rights were in the country. Also it established some duties and obligations that the government can’t break and if they did so then the people that the government is governing can overthrow that same government and build a new government. Then they added the Bill of Rights which are more focused rights between the people and the government though some founding fathers felt it was not needed the Bill of rights was still added to the Constitution. All these factors come into play when forming a government and without the Declaration of independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of rights the government could not form a government for the people with these Men of

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