How Did The Great Depression Affect Everyone Equally

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Did the Great Depression affect everyone equally? Who was affected the most? Describe why some Canadians were harder hit than others. The Great Depression did not affect everyone equally. In my opinion, I believe the Western Prairie farmers were affected the most. I think this because they seemed to have the most negatives out of it as it changed their life completely. Canada was and still is dependent on exports, during the Great Depression the price for a bushel of wheat had dropped significantly. The West is almost solely dependent on wheat. This reason of the price drop is due to the fact that there was a surplus of wheat, not enough buyers (due to price). They over exceeded the demand and the agriculture demand dropped excessively. Another…show more content…
People were afraid and concerned since they had a major insufficiency of jobs, supplies and shelter. Many companies began to enforce wage cutbacks and increased workload. Relief was not being offered to all the unfortunate Canadians who did not have a job. Many people were laid off from factories which meant that supplies were scarce as not many people could afford to provide for their family’s, people turned to the government to find a solution. I believe that their expectations were much too high as the government was struggling too. Many people had no solution to their problems and we can easily see that this era was horrible. The economy had been damaged as the PM’s refused to provide work for people who were jobless as they didn’t believe it was their responsibility. More people from communities began turning to churches as a way to aid their struggles. I believe that I would never want to live during this time, there were a high amount of savages fending for themselves and their families. I believe this must’ve placed every community in hostile situations. We can easily see that this era was cruel and horrendous as it a domino effect had taken effect and had destroyed
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