How Did The North And South Contribute To The Civil War

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The Missouri Compromise, Sectionalism, the steady rise in the Abolitionist Movement, and the election of Abraham Lincoln all contributed to the conflict which began the Civil War. The continuous disagreements regarding slavery between the North and South divided the Union early on. Differences in culture, education and social practices cultivated the growing divide between regions. Most northern states had completely abolished slavery by the beginning of the nineteenth century, causing the conflict of interest politically between the North and South. With the western territories being settled at a rapid pace, a fierce political competition heated between the North and South. The slave holding territory of Missouri applied for statehood in …show more content…

The North expanded their industrial cities, built factories and mill villages. This surge of industrial production revolutionized the economic and social life in the region. With the invention of the cotton gin the production and exportation of cotton surged exponentially, becoming both the primary driving source of the national income and a cause for controversy in the western territories with efforts to expand slavery. The industrial innovations in the northern region and the agricultural innovations in the southern region helped in the widening of the divide within the …show more content…

This solidified the idea in the South, that the South was expected to follow all federal laws while the North was allowed to pick and choose. This helped to instill a greater divide between the two halves of the Union. In 1860, the first Republican president was elected, Abraham Lincoln. Many argue that the election of Lincoln was the first in a series of events directly leading to the start of the Civil War. A significant aspect of his election is that he won all the Free states in the North and none of the slave states in the South. A contributing factor in Lincoln’s election success came from the Democrats inability to rally behind a single candidate. This caused uproar with the democrats in the South, and just two months after his election, Lincoln saw the first state to secede from the Union, South

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