How Did The Salem Witch Trials Corrupt

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The people who preside over the trials are corrupt. People who were accused of witchcraft are wrongfully indicted, and those transgressions must be justified. Danforth is the governor of Massachusetts who thinks of himself as a fair man. Thomas Putnam who has grudges against the people of Salem, and Abigail is a shameless liar who leads the accusations against the people of Salem. What the people of Salem have seen as demonic possessions of the girls is nothing more than an act of deception. The accused people of Salem are all innocent and have nothing to do with neither witchcraft nor convening with the devil. The accusers cannot present concrete evidences, and their wrongful convictions must be further scrutinized. The demonic possessions …show more content…

The accused citizens of Salem are all innocent. Elizabeth denies all belief in witchcraft because she has a pure soul, and she is a well-respected citizen of the village. Sarah Good is a homeless woman who confessed to witchcraft just to save her. John Proctor is an honorable man who has ethics and has never severely wronged anyone in his life. These people are the most noble and well- respected people of Salem. Rebecca Nurse is almost a saint who is very kind and wise. Having these people executed will leave the village in a less pleasant state. These people are role models of society and it would not be very fair to have them killed over the foolishness of some girls. The justice system is flawed to its core. The accused cannot be sent to the gallows without their crime being proven with sufficient and concrete evidence. The court rejects the petition that says Elizabeth Proctor is of good character, signed by the people attesting to it. It was instead viewed as an attack against the court. There are also multiple instances where the court relies upon the girls ' visions and prosecuted people because of it. The court has absolutely no right to decide a man 's fate upon falsified claims without a logical and sensible way of examining the allegations. The court is biased and

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