How Did Thomas Jefferson Get Rid Of Great Intelligence

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In the olden times of mankind there has always been a vast amount of remarkable people who leave an imprint in history, the heart, and in the lives of humanity; such is the case of Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers and author of the principles of the Constitution. The essence of the Declaration of Independence portrays a cry for fair rights and justice among the leaders of the thirteen colonies. However, the words and expressions of the writer of the most significant legacies this country can have let him be heartfelt about the need for better government. It clearly shows values and principles; among them are intelligence to write a paper able to set the standards of the United States of America, and the courage to get rid of Great …show more content…

For instance, if a man possess a great value of money, but does not know how to invest, his fortune is never going to grow. This is one of the traits that made Thomas Jefferson an admirable man—his superior intelligence. He not only finished a professional career, but he served in many governmental positions; making him the perfect candidate to write the Declaration of Independence. To write such a paper was a great responsibility which required a great amount of thinking to state every point accordingly to the needs of the nation’s citizens. He not only thought about one point in favor of few, but many points in favor of all. It is impressive that over two hundred thirty six years after the paper was written, it still covers the standards from which the modern society lives …show more content…

He was a stronger advocate in ending with the oppression of the most in need. He cared about the people of the new nation, he did not want to have the same rules from which ones the first colonists were running out from England. Dignity and respect is what makes a person valuable and he wanted everybody to have those principles. That is why in the Declaration of independence one of the strongest words Thomas Jefferson emphasized is that “All men were created equal” (, 2015). Because of this statement, all individuals deserve to be treated with justice and respect regardless of social status or

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